Diamond silver glass bead bracelet
June 19, 2024

Sparkle and Shine: The Diamond Silver Bracelet | Glass Bead Bracelet by Sashka Co.

At Sashka Co., each bracelet we create is a testament to the artistry, dedication, and positive impact we strive to achieve. The Diamond Silver Bracelet stands out with its stunning chevron design, intricately crafted with clear and silver glass beads. This glass bead bracelet combines elegance and craftsmanship, making it a perfect accessory for any occasion.

Diamond Sparkle Glass Bead Nepal Roll Bracelet By Sashka Co. Bracelets

The Allure of the Diamond Silver Bracelet

The Diamond Silver Bracelet features a striking chevron design made from clear and silver glass beads. These high-quality Japanese glass beads are meticulously hand-crocheted to create a pattern that shimmers with sophistication. The bracelet's design captures light beautifully, adding a touch of sparkle and elegance to any outfit.

Handmade with Love and Skill

Every Sashka Co. bracelet is hand-crocheted by skilled artisans in Nepal, who bring generations of expertise to their craft. Our artisans work in women-run cooperatives, ensuring fair trade practices and above-fair wages. By purchasing a Sashka Co. bracelet, you are supporting these artisans and their families, helping them achieve economic independence and improve their quality of life.

The Perfect Fit Promise

Sashka Co. bracelets are known for their perfect fit. Designed to roll over any size hand, the Diamond Silver Bracelet adjusts to fit your wrist comfortably. If the bracelet feels too tight, you can gently pull and stretch it to your desired size. If it’s too loose, soaking it in warm water will shrink it back to its original size. This ensures a comfortable fit for everyone, making our bracelets versatile and user-friendly.

Always Positive Vibes

At the heart of Sashka Co. is our commitment to spreading positivity. Our slogan, "Always Positive Vibes," reflects our dedication to creating products that bring joy and positivity to people's lives. Founders Chris and Anya are passionate about ensuring that every customer feels like part of the Sashka Co. family. They strive to make products that everyone will love and enjoy, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all.

glass bead bracelet silver and clear glass beads

Making a Difference

Sashka Co. is proud to be a member of the Feeding America Enterprise Society. Through our partnership, we have donated over 3 million meals to families in need, doubling the impact with Tony Robbins' 1 Billion Meals Challenge. Every bracelet purchased contributes to this cause, making a significant difference in the lives of those struggling with hunger.

By choosing the Diamond Silver Bracelet, you are not only adding a beautiful piece to your jewelry collection but also supporting fair trade practices and contributing to a meaningful cause. Wear your Sashka Co. bracelet with pride, knowing that you are part of a community dedicated to positive change.

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